Getting Settled in

We arrived in Woody Point to begin the Residency at Gros Morne Monday afternoon. It’s been a week of getting settled in the house that Parks Canada provides to the artists, setting up the studio, walking in the town and getting familiar with the town, and meeting some people.

Water Street, Woody Point

I am repeatedly struck by the beauty of this place. It’s got well under my skin already, and I don’t think I will ever forget just how special it is, or how lucky I am to be able to spend time here.


Have been blessed with vistas of glass-smooth water, mist, almost-daily visits of whales  (probably Minke) … Gulls wheeling and settling by turns, in search of a meal … Big crows, everywhere, pontificating from treetops, fence posts, roof tops … Goldfinches at the feeder outside the kitchen window; the most brilliant yellow plumage I have ever seen.

there’s a whale spout marked by a red circle, middle of the bay …

Just under a week here, and I am already so full.

The Tablelands
The Tablelands

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