Boundary|Time|Surface – Installed!

Sunday turned out to be a near-perfect day for installing Boundary|Time|Surface at Green Point. The day was full of high cloud, lightly overcast, and calm wind. Great light, and nothing extra to contend with that could have an impact on the completion of the work. Had a FANTASTIC group of volunteers helping with the work… Read More

Decision Made: We Install Boundary|Time|Surface on SUNDAY June 22, 2014

I have been neurotically watching the weather forecasts the last couple of days, hoping against the odds that the lovely weather we’ve had would return in time for Saturday. And as of a few minutes ago, it looked like this: and this: So, no luck for Saturday. BUT – Sunday does look like it will… Read More

To and Fro …

Not sure where the little fellow is going, but he seems happy to be going there! I find him a little creepy, to be honest, but perhaps even more interesting because of that. He’s from Rocky Harbour, Newfoundland – the town closest to where I am working at Green Point in Gros Morne National Park.… Read More

A Little Break after a Busy Few Days

Well! Finished off the week with lots going on – did an interview with CBC Radio Corner Brook on Thursday morning*, and then spent the afternoon and early evening at Green Point, hauling and placing rocks out on the wave-cut platform in preparation for the installation. *(The radio spot aired on Friday morning, but I missed… Read More

Upcoming … A Talk

I will be giving an artist’s talk on my residency project, Boundary|Time| Surface, on Friday, 13 June (YES, Friday the 13th! I was born on Friday the 13th too – so I am going to see it as a lucky omen). The talk will be hosted at Galliott Studios, a great little cafe/gallery/studio space in Woody Point.… Read More

First Experiments

We began to work on the rocks at Green Point in the past few days, starting to work things out in earnest. As it turns out, we had a bit of a geological dilemma to work out before we even began testing ideas for the sculpture! There were some differences between various sources regarding the… Read More

Getting Settled in

We arrived in Woody Point to begin the Residency at Gros Morne Monday afternoon. It’s been a week of getting settled in the house that Parks Canada provides to the artists, setting up the studio, walking in the town and getting familiar with the town, and meeting some people. I am repeatedly struck by the… Read More