Oddment #12

A double negative = a positive? A positive negative? Feels like a Monday morning, before coffee! I came across this bit of active erasure in Sherwood Park AB a while ago, outside Gallery@501. This is perhaps a fitting follow-up to the idea of ‘fallow’ time.  I think sometimes it’s too easy to shoot ourselves in […]


It feels too good to be true, even though every cell in my body wants it to be so. There’s been a rapid – and quite remarkable – change in the weather here the last few days, and (dare I say the ‘S’ word …) it feels like the first glimmers of Spring. The warm […]

productivity and ‘fallow’ time

It’s been a pretty hectic few months for me – travel, a move, getting re-settled in our home and the rhythms of life out west, an exhibition, then another exhibition, the always-happening paperwork of exhibition proposals … and all the “backstory” work that goes into all those things. And now things slow down a bit […]

Oddment #11

This sign begs for lots of really bad jokes. Couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it, and it still makes me giggle (yes, I amuse easily sometimes). Also, simply a gorgeous spot – on the west coast of Newfoundland …