I am showing some of the work from the Archives of Absence project at Credo in Edmonton over the next while. The work went up this past Friday (February 22nd), and will be up for a few weeks.

It’s good to have this work out in the world again – it’s always good to revisit projects after a while away, I think, to see if they still ‘ring true’ for starters, but also to see what new things can be learned from them.

Berm: Epilogue
Berm: Epilogue

I certainly understand the importance of this project to my practice in a new way now. Archives of Absence really marked a shift in materials for me, and the dawning of my understanding of how crucial the specificity of place was to the way I make work. This project was also a very dynamic collaboration between me and (the very gifted) poet Catherine Owen, which brought my attention back to  the beauty of words and the joy of writing after a many-years distance. You can read more about the project, and all of its components here and here.

Berm: Further Liminalities
Berm: Further Liminalities

I really enjoy many of the images that came out of this project – and I hope the people who come and go at Credo enjoy them as well.

Berm: Fragments
Berm: Fragments

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