Oddment #10

… goosey-gander (sorry, couldn’t resist). This lovely beast was wheat-pasted under a pedestrian footbridge in Toronto. A little the worse for wear now – mostly form some attempts at its removal – but I think I like it all the more for it. The image is about 6 feet across, if I remember correctly. Took […]

A Small Exhibition & Sale: Archives of Absence out in the world again

I am showing some of the work from the Archives of Absence project at Credo in Edmonton over the next while. The work went up this past Friday (February 22nd), and will be up for a few weeks. It’s good to have this work out in the world again – it’s always good to revisit […]

Oddment #9

Sometimes, life presents little moments of delight; if for no other reason than to remind us to really look, to pay attention to the details – because that’s where wonder lies. When I was working on some components for the sculpture I am doing for the Silver Skate Festival, I came across this little delight: […]

Silver Skate – an amazing day

Had a fabulous time at the Silver Skate Festival on the 16th! A long day, but well worth it. We got to the festival site about 9:30 Sunday morning, and started right in to work. Here I am in the background, looking rather pensive!  At this point, we had completed the interior portion of the […]

Silver Skate 2014: The Fires of Knowall

Silver Skate 2014: The Fires of Knowall

I will be participating in the Fire Sculpture portion of the Silver Skate Festival  again this year! I will be creating  – and burning! my piece for this year’s event on Sunday February 16th. It’s a fun and exciting event; making work that I know will be consumed by fire at the end of the […]

At Odds – The Opening!

The opening of At Odds on Thursday was great fun. Lovely evening, and a really nice turn out, despite the cold. Thanks to everyone who made the trek, and special thanks to everyone at the Art Gallery of St Albert! I feel I am in really great company in this exhibition – Susan Seright’s book works […]

Oddment #8

I’m not grammatically clear on the significance of this sign. But it must be important to someone … who, apparently, also likes floral wallpaper. So many possibilities here …