I wanted to pass this on.
I have been thinking a great deal about making, lately: the work of the hands and the body. How making connects this body to space, to place. And how it is (or can be), in essence, a way of close listening – both to the body and mind doing the making, and to the materials and environment in which the making takes place.
I have spent the week recovering from the flu: this, it’s own special kind of close listening to the body and its limits. In this recuperation, I have been making, when my energy allows. Nests. Sculptures of nests that will soon have a place in the exhibition of work I have coming up at the Art Gallery of St. Albert. So – when I came across this delightful work, I felt the timing was perfect.

I hope you enjoy.


A story about a piece of land-art made along the canal.

While wandering along the towpath at the Middlewich Branch, you come along a nice pick nick area in a small strip of woodland. The local people call it the clay pit, i assume when they build the canals they used clay to seal the canals leaving some nice hollows.
Wandering through the shrubs my eye comes to rest on a Yellow Willow.

In the past somebody cut it down making it an interesting bundle of new growth. Willow is very good at this, whenever you cut Willow back, they will give you brilliant new branches ready for some weaving.
This particular Willow was not only giving me weaving material but also an idea to use the clay. Back down in the clay pit i test the clay, digging with my bare hands and forming it, does it hold.


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  1. roos says:

    Thank you for the reblog.


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