I wanted to pass this on. I have been thinking a great deal about making, lately: the work of the hands and the body. How making connects this body to space, to place. And how it is (or can be), in essence, a way of close listening – both to the body and mind doing […]

At Odds

Part of why I have been so quiet here lately is that much has been happening on many other fronts. All good, but the end of the day comes too quickly to get in all that I want to, including posting here. At any rate – some news! I will be exhibiting work at the […]

A Declaration

I came across this in a street front window in Halifax, during a tromp through the streets to see Nocturne, the city’s annual night of art. There’s a lot of ground covered here. I wasn’t able to get any information on the source of this screed (I welcome any opportunity to be educated about it, […]