Oddment #6

I’ve been pondering our collective love affair (and reliance on) machines and technology of all types lately. Perhaps this is because I am feeling my practice is increasingly made up of two distinct approaches to the act of making: one is decidedly low-tech (just me, simple materials, and maybe a few simple hand tools), and one is not (digital photography & video, gel transfer work, large format printing … all reliant on computers, internet, etc). Each has their own role/utility in what I want to do, to be sure, but each way of doing also satisfies different needs personally.

And then I came across this …

Quite a wonder, to my mind. And satisfying on so many levels: auditory, tactile, visual … not to mention the incredible skill & craftsmanship that has gone into realizing this magical thing.

Quite the opposite in some respects to the work I posted last in Oddment #5 … but the thread is there: how humans relate to machines and technology, and how we use them.

I hope you enjoy this too!

8 thoughts on “Oddment #6

  1. Incredible. I can imagine how magical it must have seemed then too..he really feels alive, its rather unnerving!

    • It IS a bit creepy, isn’t it? I think part of the discomfort we feel with it might be the immediate recognition that it is a machine … and we tend to like our machines to be as un-human as possible. There’s a reason so many dystopia narratives concern themselves with humanoid machines run amok … . I remember feeling a bit like this writing-machine many years ago during end of term paper-writing ay university!

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