New Make:Believe images!

Just a quick note tonight – in the middle of preparations for some travel coming up right away … so there will be images and thoughts coming about that in the next while too!

In the mean time though – I wanted to mention that I’ve just added another short slideshow to the Make:Believe page. I had the pleasure of heading out to the site for a second work session 17-18 June, in the excellent company of a friend and colleague, Zach Hoskin. Zach is a graphic designer, illustrator, and photographer … and the images I have posted in the third slideshow are his. My thanks to him for the fine company, help onsite working in the trees, and of course, for the photos that he has so kindly shared with me.

I hope everyone has a great Canada Day tomorrow (regardless of what part of the planet you are on!) … and I hope you enjoy the new images.

© 2013 Zach Hoskin ... along the path ...

© 2013 Zach Hoskin
… along the path …

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