New Make:Believe images!

Just a quick note tonight – in the middle of preparations for some travel coming up right away … so there will be images and thoughts coming about that in the next while too! In the mean time though – I wanted to mention that I’ve just added another short slideshow to the Make:Believe page. […]

Artists and the Flooding in Calgary

It has been a harrowing time for people in the southern part of the province in which I live. Many of us have been glued to newsfeeds, facebook, and other media getting the latest information as the events unfolded and the scope of the flooding in Calgary and elsewhere in Alberta became clear. Now the […]

Art for lunch! or Art and Lunch!

Sometimes, it’s nice to break the daily routine. A mid-day break that offers new ideas, things to ponder … a real lunch break! If you’re looking for something new, you might want to give this a try: There will be a variety of speakers sharing their perspective on the work in the gallery – and […]

The Art Bus, and Printmaking … with road repair equipment!

Spent a lovely Saturday afternoon on the Art Bus Tour! It was great to see such a range of work in one afternoon – print media at SNAP, the Member’s Show and “Naked” Show (figurative works) at Harcourt House, then down the highway to Sherwood Park, and finally back to SNAP for some festivities … […]

Back on the farm … another instalment on Make:Believe

I was lucky enough to be able to get away for a couple of days the beginning of this week to do a bit more work on Make:Believe; the time away, however short, was exactly what I needed. I am always a little awestruck by how quickly things grow out here; summers are short, and […]

Oddments #4

I have no idea where this sign came from, or where it went … but it was on display for about 48 hours in an alley close to my house. A nice reminder that looking and seeing are not the same thing … and that the most delightful and unexpected things can be discovered if […]

Hop on the Magic (ART) bus!

One of the many things I like about the creative community in Edmonton is that when people see a need for something, they make it happen. This event is a perfect example of that ‘make it happen’ attitude: an Art Bus Tour! Harcourt House is coordinating the booking of seats for this event, and as […]

Back from CARFAC, and slowly catching up …

Had a fantastic time at the CARFAC Conference! Lots of thought-provoking discussion, stimulating  sessions, an opportunity to see and speak with people from across the country that I haven’t seen for at least a year. The weekend left me full of ideas and feeling quite inspired. I think that’s one of the most vital things […]