CARFAC National Conference … I’m on the Road Again

CARFAC National Conference … I’m on the Road Again

Feeling a bit like I’m juggling, but also really happy with the way the summer is shaping up! Final work and preparations for the exhibition of YORK are going really well; Marian picked up a big print order the other day, and we were both tremendously pleased with how everything looks! Also just about finished […]

Time Away, and Making Make:Believe

Sometimes, the need to ‘recharge the batteries’ is an imperative for me in order to keep making work and doing what I love. I need a shift in perspective, some time away, and an opportunity to get out of the city. Dig in the dirt. Look at the sky. Listen to animals and the wind. […]

Get Your Garden On!

There are lots of great things about being involved in the artistic and artist-run community in Edmonton, but one of my favorites is the capacity for people to come together to make things happen that they want to see happen. That was certainly the case today at Harcourt House! I’ve been a bit buried in […]