I am told it is Spring in this part of the world. I feel (given the snow and cold the last couple of days) that this is really a sad little joke, that’s rapidly wearing very very thin. I haven’t even got my usual bout of ‘spring fever’ yet … and that’s really odd! I feel […]

Oddment #3

Oddment #3 comes from downtown Calgary AB – a public art installation outside The Bow Building. It’s a striking piece of architecture, and the work chosen for it no less so. I took this shot from inside the sculpture – there are two doors at the base of the work that allow people to walk […]

… On the Road Again …

I’m of to Calgary AB for a few days this week … wearing my ‘other art hat,’ as an advocate for visual artists here in Alberta and elsewhere. I am heading south as part of a group of people involved with Visual Arts Alberta/CARFAC. We are going to be attending several events and meetings from […]