Oddments #2

We may have passed the Spring Equinox already, but in my part of the world, it’s still winter. Full on snowstorms, complete with closed highways and multi-car accidents this past week. Oh. And shovelling. So. Much. Shovelling.

Enough to make me want to burn a hole in my credit card and go someplace tropical.

Still, there are some truly beautiful things in all the seemingly endless white out there … the magpies still believe it’s spring, and have been busy gathering twigs and other suitable bits, and putting together this season’s nests.

Saw one hardy bird, fighting the storm, stick firmly wodged in beak – so determined to make that particular stick a part of its home. Those flashes of black in all that white were magical – like someone has splashed ink onto the sky.

And I saw how busy the bird – or another just like it – continued to be after the storm had settled:

... busy, busy ...
… busy, busy …

A good example to follow, perhaps … this diligence in the face of adversity.

A lesson in focus and discipline.

Good timing; Spring really will come, one day – and I want to be able to take the odd break and feel the sun on my skin again.

3 thoughts on “Oddments #2

  1. Love this Sydney. Made me smile (not the shovelling part!). I’ve heard you’ve had it bad in your neck of the woods. It’s cold overnight here (-13 this morning) but up to +3 now, so I will blow some of this sunshine your way!!

    • Glad it made you smile! Yup, the birds seem to know something (I hope!) It’s been all over the map here … now it’s warm during the days, and melting, but of course it freezes solid every night. Oh well, it’s sunny!

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