Oddments: #1

Noun 1. oddment – a piece of cloth that is left over after the rest has been used or sold

fag end – the frayed end of a length of cloth or rope
piece of clothpiece of material – a separate part consisting of fabric
2. oddment – something unusual — perhaps worthy of collecting

objectphysical object – a tangible and visible entity; an entity that can cast a shadow; “it was full of rackets, balls and other objects”
bric-a-bracknickknackerynicknackwhatnotknickknack – miscellaneous curios
collectablecollectible – things considered to be worth collecting (not necessarily valuable or antique)

Sometimes, I just can’t help myself.

I find the world a strange and (sometimes) hilarious place – filled with things that just beg to be photographed.

This is usually the case when I am on the run, walking down the street, or just going about my day – so what I capture is on the fly – often with my phone, but sometimes when I am lucky enough to be out with my camera as well.

I’ve been collecting these images for several years now, and have wondered what to do with them … some have made their way into work. Many will do so in the future, I am sure. Regardless – they sit in their folder on my hard drive, asking to be shared … so I am responding to that, now.

Welcome to “Oddments” :  short posts consisting of images I have gathered in the course of my travels around my home city and elsewhere, that have struck me as funny, odd, absurd, strange, or otherwise noteworthy.  These will be posted periodically, as the images re-cross my path, or new ones get taken and ask to be shared here.

I hope you enjoy them …

Oddment #1
PS – new header Images Credit: John Waldron

2 thoughts on “Oddments: #1

  1. Glad you like the idea Cath! I figured it was about time I did something constructive with all the photos I took that didn’t make it into larger projects! (this could be a rationalization for the obsessive photo-taking, and the ever-increasing need for more hard drive space) … but so be it!

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