I’ve got mail …

Sometimes, I feel like I belong to another age, another time.

While I fully embrace new technologies and their potential as tools, I do have a deep and abiding affection for the different sort of reality that ‘old school’ methods of doing things embody:

Books, especially hardbound; The sensual pleasure of the paper, the smell of the ink and paper and binding.

Writing with a fountain pen; Handwritten letter and notes on paper and in cards chosen for their colour and texture and with specific people in mind.

Mail from people I know in the mailbox, not the inbox; The little moment of magic in taking a letter or package or card out of the post box, taking it inside, and opening it up to reveal something that speaks to the indisputable reality of connections over time and distance.

And so it was just a couple of days ago – I opened the post, and discovered a lovely little bit of magic: my card from Cath at Settle + Chase had arrived, all safe and sound, all the way from the UK!


It’s a beautiful image – gentle, evocative, full of stories and secrets.

I love the being able to see both the reflection, and some of what’s beneath – images that connect different moments in time, different realities.

AND a bonus – this delightful card came with a handwritten note (you can see it tucked in behind the card)! So thoughtful.

So – no – technology isn’t so bad, not at all … one thing’s certain: without it, I wouldn’t have had this moment, or the opportunity to meet the other voices out there, like Settle + Chase. Something to be grateful for, to be sure, on many levels!

But perhaps the best thing about it is when people take a step beyond it – there’s the realm of real potential.


I see it’s a case of two minds but a single thought! I had prepared this post a couple of days ago, and held it as a draft, due to some issues with WordPress … and I see this morning that there’s a lovely post on Settle + Chase on this very postcard project! Yay for Kismet!

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  2. Oh what a lovely post – I’m so glad you enjoyed this – and how funny that we should both post on the same day!!

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