Signs and mirrors, signs as mirrors

There’s a seasonal fund raiser happening at Latitude 53 on November 24th; it’s the last event in the artist-run centre’s current location, before they make the move to new and better (!) digs in 2013. I am a wee bit nostalgic about this space … I worked in administration and development there 2007 – 2010, so being invited to support this next phase of the organization’s development with a donation of work is a nice way to honour the many things I learned there, and the many great artists I worked with over the years.

The piece that will be available through silent auction on the 24th is:

“Sign, Sign, Mirror, Mirror” 2012
Gel Transfer, Silk Organza, Acetate, Nails on Wood; each panel 6″ x 6″

It’s based on several images from my (ever-growing and morphing) collection of what I call “odd bits of fluff” … things I come across in my daily explorations of the world here and in other places on the planet, that strike me as interesting in some way. Generally, there’s some humour to be found here – yes, sometimes  black humour, admittedly – but all in all, the images I seem to be drawn to make (and the moments and objects I want to capture) do tend to say something about what it means to be alive and human in this very strange world we have created for ourselves.

Urban spaces – streetscapes, alleys, shop windows, cafes and so on  – strike me as repositories if little bits and moments, places where being accumulates and can tell us something about what and who we are, if we choose to look closely.

At any rate, I think it’s a slightly quirky & cheeky piece. I think it captures some “Brazil” moments of civic bureaucracy, some streetside philosophy, some truly bizarre accumulations of surplus stuff, graffiti, waste … signs of what we do in this life and on this planet, that seem to be little mirrors too.

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