Phew! NEST has opened, and I think I’m starting to decompress a bit ….

I feel a bit like I’m lost in a haze just now …

NEST  opened last night at Harcourt House. I also presented an artist talk on the work and the residency – which I understand from others was reasonably coherent – I don’t really know, it was a bit of a blur to be honest!

Icarus Car also opened last night in the Front Room gallery at Harcourt – a really great collection of video work – I recommend it highly! Check out Evann Siebens‘ website or Keith Doyle‘s website for more of their work.

It was a long three days installing Monday through Wednesday of this week, but the work went steadily, and generally without any horrendous hitches. I had some fantastic help from friends, so that made the work and any issues we did have much easier in so many ways. All in all, I’m really happy with the show … so exciting to see the work in a proper gallery setting for the first time! One of those truly happy moments – when I was able to look at all the work, installed, and see it look very much like I anticipated it would. Who knew – it worked out the way I’d hoped after all!

For those of you farther afield who might be interested – some photos I took today, of the work in situ:

I had a sample of the chapbook on display as well, and the response has been great so far! So happy to see that project take flight, and have positive feedback about the book on all counts: design, the prints, and of course Catherine’s beautiful poems.
I also had a number of inquiries about sales –  both for the book and for work in the exhibition – so I thought I would post a note about all of that here too, so anyone that was interested could follow up on the contact page here … to wit:
The chapbooks are $40.00 CAD each, for the duration of the exhibition (October 18 – November 24 2012). After that, the price goes up (assuming any of the books are left!)

All of the work in the gallery is also for sale.

If you are interested in purchasing a book or some work, contact me DIRECTLY, and we can make arrangements. As an artist-run space, Harcourt House doesn’t deal with any of the commercial aspects of exhibiting art … so, that part of things happens one-on-one with me.

I’m looking forward to taking a day or two off  – time to sleep, regroup a bit … catch up on all the glamorous things in life (like laundry!), and look towards the next set of things to be done (some neat new project coming down the pipe … more on that later!). First things first though: my next art-related task is emptying and cleaning the A.I.R. studio! I have NO idea how I’m going to fit everything into my little space (having more than double the studio space for a year has really got me spoiled – and working LARGER than ever before!) But, those are really questions for another day.

Just now, it’s time to sleep.

18 thoughts on “Phew! NEST has opened, and I think I’m starting to decompress a bit ….

    • Thanks so very much Sharon! I’ve been following your adventures – what a remarkable thing you are doing – utterly inspiring!
      Thank you for taking the time to stop by and comment. Looking forward seeing what you will be doing in the next while very much.

      • thanks Sydney- would be nice to actually meet in person some day wouldn’t it? keep me posted if you ever find yourself coming vancouver. cheers, sharon

  1. Sydney it just looks fantastic. I love how you have presented the work. You are inspiring me greatly!

    • Oh, thanks so much Shawna! Sorry you couldn’t be there – but I completely understand – no worries! Would love your feedbakc when you do see in in person – and do let me know when you’re coming in- perhpas we can arrange life so that we could go through the exhibition together.

  2. I thought of you that night – just couldn’t make it. But so glad you posted these photos – I can’t wait to see it in person. Will try to get there this coming week. Gorgeous, gorgeous work….

  3. Graeme – thanks so very much – I wish you could both be here too! It would be lovely to have your feedback on seeing it firsthand. But it does matter a great deal to me to know you’re ‘out there’ watching and supporting things from afar … as I am for your fabulous projects! (hey, just as well you’re not here – woke up to -12 celsius this morning! sheesh!)

  4. Karen – thank so much for your kinds words and support! I’m happy with the results so far … more work to come in this series (I can’t let go of it just yet in the visual realm, and I have writing to do as well) … but it feels like a really good moment to pause, and to enjoy the progress so far!

  5. Sydney, the space looks amazing full of your work. How beautiful!
    congratulations, it’s been very cool following your progress.
    Best wishes with the rest of the show!

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