Just a few days … !!

Started installing NEST today at Harcourt House. Exciting!

So, far, things are going smoothly … still a fair bit to do over the next couple of days, but overall I’m happy with the progress so far.

Also had a quick visit from Catherine Owen this past weekend – she was in town for the launch of her latest book, Trobairitz. The added bonus to Cath’s visit (aside form a stellar reading at the Edmonton Launch of her book!) is that she was able to sign all 50 copies of the limited edition chapbook NEST{types} that we have produced together.


So … the book will be available through me directly, starting October 18th at the Opening Reception of NEST. You can contact me directly here if you’d like a copy too!


The books will be at a special launch-only price of $40 on October 18th.

… and now, I must get back to the talk I need to get into shape before Thursday night! EEP!

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