Four Weeks, as of Today …

In four (very short!) weeks, NEST will open at Harcourt House Gallery in Edmonton, AB.

The Opening Reception is October 18, 2012, 6:00  – 10:00 pm, at 10215 – 112 Street, 3rd Floor.

I will be giving an artist talk at 7:15 pm.


In an odd way, it doesn’t seem real yet … that the year has gone by so fast, that the work for this exhibition is, for all intents and purposes, complete.

What a journey it has been. And it’s far from over; this body of work is ‘phase I’ of NEST overall … I will continue to make work, and also turn my attention to writing in a more consistent and focused way. I will also be showing some of the work in the Residency exhibition (along with new work) in Toronto In February 2013 (more on that to follow).

But for now … it is good to stop for at least part of a day, and consider what has come to pass in the past very-nearly-12-months.

As to what will happen next … more to follow, when I catch my breath just a little. Lots happening!


6 thoughts on “Four Weeks, as of Today …

  1. The work looks fantastic – too far for me though, lots of sea and land to cross…maybe if I started walking now??!

    • Thanks Cath … yes it is a bit of a hike! Perhaps growing wings or fins? Would be lovely to see you there in a (physically) smaller world!

  2. Thanks Karen! I’m really happy with the design for the invite too. I wish you could make it too!! It would be delightful to meet you in person! I’ll be in Toronto in the new year though … exhibition there opens Feb 1!~

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