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The dearth of posts here of late has been due in large part to being a bit (ok, a lot) snowed with work … the usual “I need to clone myself” thing I get into on occasion. In this particular instance, it’s been a combination of being out of the studio due to travel, coupled with several projects coming due all at once. It’s been a very busy, hectic spring any which way I look at it … Catalysts coming out and the launch here and trip to Toronto for that, the talk to the Dirt City, Dream City group of artists, the Curiosities exhibition work, dropping work at my Calgary gallery for a group show that opens at the end of June, grant writing, ongoing work for the Residency … and of course there’s always so much more that goes on ‘behind the scenes’ – reading, research, and (gee, who know??) life-related things like spending a bit of time with family and friends, the more prosaic things like laundry and (very) occasional sleep.

The  real push for the last three weeks or so has been associated with the upcoming  annual Harcourt House Member’s Show and Open House. This opening and events related to it coincide with the start of the 10-day-long Works Art & Design Festival here in Edmonton.

The Harcourt House event is on June 21st:

Once a year, Harcourt House Artist Run Centre invites its diverse membership to exhibit in this non-juried, salon-style exhibition, which always boasts a fabulously eclectic range of art and disciplines. Photography, painting, sculpture, drawing, mixed and new media; this is the gallery where you can see it all, and show your support by purchasing that perfect piece of original artwork.
Opening night:
Open Studios
Free Model Session
Unveiling of the 2012 Annex Mural plan
2011/2012 Artist in Residence
Gel Transfer Demo
AIR “Meet and Greet”
A special surprise on the Annex… Its a bird, its a plane, its… its….
Front Yard BBQ and Beer Gardens: Cash only, 6:30 – 10pm
In the Annex Building: Annual Naked Show Exhibition
In the Harcourt House Gallery: Annual Membership Exhibition

I will be throwing my studio doors open for the evening, and inviting people in to see the work so far; I’ll be doing a demonstration of gel-transfer printmaking, and I have some new mixed media assemblage work in the Member’s Show in the main gallery at Harcourt House as well.

I have been working rather furiously on one component of the NEST project that will be launched on the 21st … photos to come, once the work is up and the event on the 21st takes place!

It’s been an exciting time  – tiring, but worth every second of lost sleep.

I hope to see some of you there on the 21st!~

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