Curiosities, part 2

Really enjoyed popping in and visiting with everyone over the June  1 – 3 weekend at the various locations in which Curiosities was exhibited.  There was some really great work in the show – I was quite blown away by some of it!

I am still in the process of … well, processing all the photos I took of the work that weekend … so in a little while, there will be a ‘part 3’ post with a selection of those pictures. There’s about 100 photos to go through and edit, so bear with me – thanks for your patience.

In the mean time – I do have a couple of images of the work I made for this exhibition, so I thought I’d share them with you now … The theme of the dresser I was curated into was ‘landscape’ …

A ‘top-down’ view of the dresser drawer, showing the placement of various found and made objects.

Yes, that really is a bird’s wing mounted to the dresser wall …

A view of the drawer interior, showing some of the found and made objects added to the space; the drawer is lined with old topographic maps of the Rocky Mountains

I was really quite pleased that one of the maps I was using was titled “Surprise Lake” … seemed only appropriate to snare that first word for the piece, since part of the focus of the project as a whole was the idea of the secret and the hidden … the surprises one finds in the bottom drawer of an old dresser (which – happily – was the drawer curator Kristen Hutchinson had me work with!)

An shot of the drawer interior, showing the hand mounted on the wall, holding a tiny bird’s nest. The hand is my own, cast in raw beeswax.

Casting my own hand for this had its own set of challenges! It seemed a rather “Mr. Bean tempts the fates” thing to do on my own … but fortunately there were no accidents or misadventures while I had my hand stuck in a container full of alginate!

This was a really fun and challenging little project, and I am very glad I was asked to participate in it.  Home-grown initiatives like this that take contemporary work out of the ‘white cube’ and into the street are really important.

More thoughts on the exhibition soon … well past my bedtime.

4 thoughts on “Curiosities, part 2

  1. Is this the same sydney lancaster that once anchored the evening cfrn news in Edmonton back in the late 1960’s if it is I really enjoyed watching his informative and entertaining news casts as a youngster growing up in Edmonton. He and many of his time served as a great inspiration in getting me to pursue journalism in my later years while successfully writing for various community news publications during the mid 1990’s while covering relevant social issues. John Zapantis Alberta Street News

    • Hi John, Thanks for taking the time to write. The person you’re speaking of was my father, Sid Lancaster. I”m really happy to hear that he and the other journalists of his era were an inspiration to you – to me too! I wound up going a different direction, but I still have an abiding love for words, everything to do with writing and what goes into creating a story – whether it’s a news story or the story of a life. Take good care, S

  2. wow i love it….reminds me of the “ear casting” that the first artist in the PBS documentary was doing on Boundaries…David Altmejd….but this is such a phenomenal fusion….am already imagining doing this with river/berm detritus…:)

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