I am very excited about an exhibition coming up in Edmonton this weekend, curated by the fast & dirty collective:

Design: Alex Stewart

I will have two pieces in this moving/movable art feast: I have the entire bottom drawer of Kristen Hutchinson’s dresser, and I’ve also contributed a little curiosity to a collaborative installation in the bottom drawer of Carolyn Jervis’ dresser.

Very much looking forward to seeing the other work in this creative feast!

Image: Alex Stewart

There are a great many things I like about this project as a whole: the idea of bringing the work out of the gallery and into the street, for one. Another is the sense of play and imagination inherent in the notion of finding art in a dresser drawer: these are conventionally private spaces, places where people keep more than just clothing … there are secrets and stories hidden behind the facade.

Hoping to get some photos of the event and the work … and hope to see lots of people too!

Check out the Latitude 53 blog for additional thoughts. There’s also a Facebook page.

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