I am very excited about an exhibition coming up in Edmonton this weekend, curated by the fast & dirty collective: I will have two pieces in this moving/movable art feast: I have the entire bottom drawer of Kristen Hutchinson’s dresser, and I’ve also contributed a little curiosity to a collaborative installation in the bottom drawer […]

Liminal Spaces: Dirt City and Making Art

Edmonton has a nickname of fairly recent creation: Dirt City. The resonances are multiple, and perhaps that’s one of the reasons the name has gained a fair bit of traction in local circles, including the arts community here. Edmonton is Dirt City in many ways – the moniker speaks to the history of farming in […]

What the Land Teaches

I have been waiting, impatiently, for Spring to really happen in my part of the world … and until recently, I’ve only been given glimmers, little teases of what might come, someday: a day of golden, sun-drenched warmth in which I didn’t need both jacket and sweater, or the first tiny urgings of new green […]