Curiosities, Sketching with Words – AND – Catalysts, Part 2 … on the road!

Feel like I’ve been flying lately … not flying dreams, unfortunately! So much going on: – Had a fantastic time with Shawna Lemay co-faciliating the Sketching with Words workshop at Harcourt House for the Edmonton Poetry Festival last weekend! It was an amazing afternoon of writing and drawing and thinking and talking about all the… Read More


Midnight brought the first real Spring rain to my corner of the world. This seems utterly fitting: rain that means new growing things, melting of the last snows, the washing clean of everything to start over. This is new, and old at once. Old in the way that each wheel’s turn reminds us that it… Read More

A Matter of Scale

It’s been a very busy few days both in and out of the studio! Managed to take advantage of the fine weather Tuesday, and spent the morning roaming the city with my camera … many more nest photos are now on the hard drive, awaiting their integration into work. Wandering around and marvelling at these… Read More