The Season of Insistence

It seems the birds know something we don’t.

Was back in the river valley yesterday morning to photograph more nests, and had great success. I came across around 20 magpie nests all in one place … a parking lot by a sports centre! (I guess the pickings are good from the patrons or something …)

At any rate, not only was I happily gifted with this bonanza for my work, but two of the nests were under active construction.

It’s quite mesmerizing to watch birds at their building work, and these magpies were no exception … both of them were quite single-minded, intent on making the placement of each stick just right, in just the right spot. One magpie in particular was taking this engineering very seriously: it would fix a stick in place, then fly to a nearby branch to survey the work, then return to adjust or add another stick as needed …’talking’ to itself all the while (reminded me a little too much of my own mutterings when I’m working than I’m entirely comfortable admitting, but there you have it).

back and forth, muttering all the while

 As perverse as these birds can be on occasion (if you’ve ever seen one torment a cat or dog, you know exactly what I mean!), they are beautiful and very smart … so I think they must be on to something. Maybe the thaw really is coming, maybe the next season of growth and building is upon us, or coming soon. The magpies’ energy and focus, their insistence in both doing and being is quite remarkable. I hope I can channel some of that in the build and doing in which I am currently immersed.

round and round

But just in case this drive fails in me – which it will on occasion, I’m sure – I’ll take another page from the magpie book, and wander in circles for a while, looking for exactly what I need.

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