The Love Affair Else-where, Part III: So much Work

I’ve become just as fascinated by the diverse ways in which other artists and designers have approached working with birds’ nests (and the many ideas and resonances these objects provoke) as I have with the reality of the nests themselves. There’s some really amazing and interesting work out there: tree houses, hotels (!), installations, site-specific […]

The Love Affair Else-where, Part II: Humans and Nests

The specific spark for the body of work I am developing over the course of my Residency at Harcourt House dates back well over a year now, to two conversations I had in quick succession, with two of my favourite poets: Catherine Owen and Jannie Edwards. Turns out, both of them had been re-reading Gaston […]

The Love Affair, Else-where Part I: People and Things

I have always been fascinated by the relationship of people to things … . Or more correctly my fascination lies with the way people relate to things: to objects in the world, places and spaces. We invest so much meaning in the things around us, and develop large and elaborate webs of connection between us-and-things, […]


Well, it’s almost here: the tour for Catalysts is coming next month! I have had the pleasure and honour of collaborating with poet/musician/photographer/mayhem-maker Catherine Owen for a number of years now, and am delighted to see the fruits of this ongoing labour take yet another form. Catalysts: Confrontations with the Muse is a collection of […]

The Speed of Life

One of the most interesting things about living on the Prairies is the way in which we – collectively – respond to the shift in seasons. As the world outside my window slowly wakes up from winter sleep, the realm of human activity (and creative activity in particular) seems to have gone into overdrive, overnight. […]

The Season of Insistence

It seems the birds know something we don’t. Was back in the river valley yesterday morning to photograph more nests, and had great success. I came across around 20 magpie nests all in one place … a parking lot by a sports centre! (I guess the pickings are good from the patrons or something …) […]

Nesting, nesting, one-two-three …

I’ve had a good couple of days in the studio since getting back from my Wet Coast adventuring. Perhaps it’s the first (snow-covered!) stirrings of spring, combined with my very productive meetings with Catherine, but I am feeling real momentum and focus building in this body work. This, I would say, is a very good […]