New Studio!!!

Back in Alberta, and hit the ground running. It was a fabulous year in Halifax, but it is also really quite good to be back on the Prairie.  Sky is so big here – I’d forgotten that, and how amazing clouds and storms are. Also absolutely lovely to reconnect with the people I know out here. I’ve really missed this community, and it’s been great to see everyone again!

I’ve been going nuts without a studio, and much to my utter delight, space has come available at Harcourt House, where i had studio space before the trip to Nova Scotia … so I’m back in the same building, just a couple of doors down form where I was previously. Signed the lease and got keys today … so it’s moving time!!

So looking forward to being set up and starting to work again … it’s been sweet torture going through the boxes of things I’ve brought back from Halifax to work with. So many things to play with and experiments to try!

Photos of the space soon, I hope – once I’ve got set up!

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